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Best Dildos - Unveiling The History

You're probably aware of the abundance of sex toys swarming around the market today. But did you know where these toys originated? If you come to think of it, the discovery of adult toys is quite genius. Just imagine our ancestors gratifying their urges with what? Just about anything that they grab out from their kitchen, or worst, garage. Of course, back then, technology has not yet reigned supreme. Take dildo for example; imagine a woman using hardened camel dung to pamper her desires. That was how things were before. If you want to know how and where dildo originate, come join us as we travel back in time.

Ancient Greece

It was reported that the first use of dildo was documented from the Ancient Greece. At that time, merchants sold what they call olisbos, which we now know as dildos. Olisbos are fashioned from leather, stone, and wood. This device was prevalent among single women and it was believed that it was just normal for single women to own one since they don't have partners. Today however, dildos or even vibrators are enjoyed by all types of gender.

Renaissance Italy

In Italy, the term olisbos was change into diletto, which is the Italian word for delight. Back then, dildos were not as comfortable as the dildos that we have today, even despite a generous amount of olive oil. That's right, Italians used olive oil as lubricants. Italian diletto was usually made of leather or wood. No wonder it seem really uncomfortable to use. But notably, Italians did enjoy using it for their own sexual gratification.


During the early days in the Mid-eastern world, women used dried camel dung (stool) that is coated with hard resin and served their purpose of satisfying women's sexual desires. By just knowing its material, you could already tell the main drawback; the aroma, that is. Even if the resin was hard and thick, it didn't entirely cover-up the odor. But then again, who cared about odors back then?

Present Time

Over the last 30 years, the sex toy industry has been rising up in popularity until the early seventies. During this time, it was believed that a couple of adult toys were proliferating in standards and more sexist tone in their advertising campaigns. It was then that several manufacturers stood up and decided to improve the market and continued to reach greater horizons up until today.
Sensationally Rich Experience of Dildos

Sex dildos create absolutely intense and sensationally hot orgasms. That is the truth. There is absolutely no wonder that dildos have been part of various cultures and traditions. Historically, traders used to provide the widows and single women with the sex toys to gratify their sexual appetite. All the ancient cultures like Greek, Chinese and Indian cultures show the practice of using sex toys.

Today, it would not be really surprising that sex dildos are one of the most popular toys in the industry. Today, they come in various varieties. There are various sizes, shapes, materials and colors to appeal to your tastes. However, you must know a little bit about you and your partner's choices in sexual lives to buy and use the right one. You must know whether you plan to use small or giant dildo for the masturbation or the vaginal intercourse or anal penetration. You must be aware whether you plan to share it. You must know what types of sensations you really enjoy.

This would help you choose the suitable size, shape and material. The material of the sex dildo is the risky area. In other words, whether you enjoy the lifelike material of silicone, UR3 etc or the plastic and glass are the hard choice to make. The plastic and glass ones are hard and inflexible. However, they are really safe and effective to use if that's the kind of feel you want to enjoy. The lifelike materials are soft, flexible and really similar in texture. The traditional sex dildos are designed to appear like a penis in terms of shape, color and material. There are a lot of variations in sizes available. From 5 to 18 inch variations of sizes, it would be confusing to be able to choose the type of sex toys you really want.

There are some unique and unconventional options like double dildo. This type of sexual toy can be really allows you to use your imagination for highest amount of pleasure possible.

I honestly want o leave you with a more serious thought. That's the right time to clean in terms of efficiency and right decision to keep it ready for next time, whenever it comes.

You must make sure that you clean all the sex toys after you have had the hot and intense orgasms with the antibacterial soap. This sex dildo can be used by couples as well as single women.

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