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Inflatable Dildo

How You Can Reach New Orgasmic Heights With An Inflatable Dildo

Think you know everything there is regarding sex toys, anal plugs, dildos and vibrators? Think again. The sex aid world is becoming a huge playground for those who want to explore their sexuality, their kinks and fantasies, with many weird and wonderful products being introduced to consumers.

Case in point- the inflatable dildo is a one-of-a-kind pleasurer that guarantees a perfect fit each time you use one of these in the bedroom. It's a great toy for pushing yourself to the limits on both physical and sexual aspects. Need a stretch that regular dildos can't fix? Take a look at how an inflatable dildo can bring your orgasmic journey to new heights.

What Are Inflatable Dildos?

An inflatable dildo is much like a regular dildo, except for the fact that it can be expanded in size whenever you need it. This delicious feature is what makes it so versatile, adaptable and useful overall. Obviously, it's for individuals who want to have their holes (ass and vagina) completely filled up, bringing them to the absolute physical limit! Moreover, this type of sex aid can prepare you for anal penetration when other toys or real cocks prove too big for your anus. With an inflatable, you'll be able to put them in your crevices pretty easily and "pump" the toy to exercise your muscles. All in all, inflatable dildos are perfect for those who want a relatively low-risk entry to other kinds of sexual activities. Instead of having a huge vibrator or anything similar pushed inside you, you can opt for something more safe which won't give you a huge shock (and possibly ruin the experience).

Vanilla users can take an inflatable dildo and work it like a regular one. Simply put the dildo in, pump it up to its engorged state and have your way with it. Inflatable dildos come in many different varieties for added pleasure and performance. It all depends on the user, really- do you want a vibrating sex toy that completely fills you up inside, or are you looking for a specific anal toy that you can play with? Keep in mind that a silicone inflatable dildo is usually made of 100% skin safe, sex safe material so you won't have to worry about allergies or skin reactions.

So instead of going for vanilla double-enders, vibrators or dick toys, why not get a huge inflatable dildo for double the fun? Who knows, you might love it so much that you'll bring it with you on your next sexual adventure. Just insert, pump some air and feel the love in a few seconds. You get the sensation of a dick hardening inside your most sensitive organ, so it's something to experience!

How To Use Inflatable Dildos

If you've played with an insertable sex toy before then you'll know that the toy will need to have some lubrication first before you begin. In short, you'll need to have it wet so you won't experience tissue damage and ruin the fun. Most inflatable dildos you can get on the market are made of silicone or elastic rubber, both of which can handle lubricants quite well. More importantly, lubricants enhance the whole sexual experience because you'll start feeling new sensations and unique pleasures down the road. Some dildos are fleshy and simulate that of a real cock. In this case it's best to check the manual for which types of lubricant works best with it.

Here's the lowdown on what kind of lubricant you should use depending on the toy's material. If it's silicone, UR3, or if it features realistic skin material, then you should go for a water-based lubricant product for the best effect. Putting on silicone-based lube on a toy made of silicone is asking for trouble. Liquid silicone lubricants can advance silicone material break down and cause it to deteriorate, which isn't any fun as you'll need to wait days or even weeks to get your dildo replaced.

Now comes the fun part- actually using your first inflatable dildo. First, you should check the inflatable vibrating dildo for any breaks or damage before putting it inside your body. Put the dildo inside your vagina after it has been thoroughly lubricated, with the hand pump on the outside. Start pumping and feel the dildo get bigger inside you. When you're filled up and want to start the action, take your hand off and start pleasuring yourself. The fun adds up if you have your partner with you. You can apply lube, insert the dildo carefully and gently and hand the pumping mechanism to your partner. You can proceed to roleplay or play a game to make it more interesting. Keep in mind that your partner won't be able to tell if there's too much air, so talk about some signals first before proceeding.

An inflatable anal dildo works just as well if you're into rear penetration. Your anal area won't have as much natural lubrication as your vagina, so make sure to really put on the lube. You can even have a small amount of lube shot in your ass via a syringe if it's your first time doing it, just to be safe. Anal penetration will require a bit more care and preparation as compared to a vaginal entry. You wouldn't want to have your sphincter muscles seize up and ruin the experience, don't you?

So, here's how you should begin. Relax, take deep breaths as to relax your sphincter muscle. Try small entries with various toys, such as a butt plug, a small vibrator or if you want, a sensual back massage. Then, very slowly, insert the slick, wet and lubed up inflatable dildo up the ass and gently put some pressure to position it inside. If at any point you start to panic, feel uncomfortable and feel your sphincter muscles acting up, stop for a moment and take deep breaths. Don't take out the dildo and allow the sensation to be comfortable. Believe me, you'll start enjoying the feeling in just a few minutes!

Ready for the inflatable part? Great. Hold the pump and gradually start working it until you reach a high point of ecstasy. You can play with it by pumping it with air and expending it slowly, much like a throbbing cock does. You can also move it around or release some air if the feeling is too much or if you're in pain. Once you're done, you can take it out slowly and wash it with lukewarm water and some soap before putting it in storage.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different inflatable dildos available and find the one you like best. It's not uncommon to find a few toys that you can use in conjunction with each other for a totally new sexual experience!
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