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The Many Ways You Can Make Use Of A Huge Dildo

A dildo is a staple in the sex toy world. There's a huge variety of dildos to choose from- you can get a reasonably-sized one, or opt for a huge vibrating dildo. You can also choose the material of your dildo, from silicone to rubber and even glass ones.

Thinking of riding a huge dildo but are too shy to ask? Many dildos are designed to be shaped like a penis but there are many different ways on how one can derive sexual pleasure from them. Take a look at the wonderful world of dildo playing and the many ways you can make use of one:

The Regular Method

Let's get to the most vanilla of pleasure with a sex toy. Yep, it's vaginal penetration. Many women have been satisfied by using these staples, and there's a reason why there are about a million of these toys being sold to women and men all over the globe each year!

Take a look at the many kinds of dildos and see which one of those you might enjoy using. If you're fairly new to the game then you may want to start out with an appropriately-sized variety. But if you've been touched with a huge black dildo before then go right ahead and opt for the monster cocks available in the market. Moreover, you can choose either a vibrating or a non-vibrating one depending on your preference.

Don't forget to put on some lube on the device before you go for vaginal penetration. You can also try getting yourself in the mood with some light foreplay or by touching your g-spot with the tip of the dildo. You can turn the vibrating feature on and hold it against the love spot for the ultimate starter. Oh, and also make sure that the lube is compatible with the material of your dildo.

Did you know that there are many penetration methods you can go for with a huge dildo? A girl rides huge dildo in many different ways. You can start out slow and gentle, like your first time or you can get it to go hard and fast. The key here is to experiment and find a suitable rhythm that will bring you to the climax. Assume different positions and find the one you love the most. A common position is to spread you legs wide while lying down and taking the large dildo up and down. Others may like to do the kneeling position while having one hand hold the dildo. Some of these toys can come with suction cups that you can attach to compatible surfaces for a hands-free operation.

Backdoor Play

The next method is a bit unconventional but the sensation may keep you coming back for more. This can be the go-to dildo entry for those who are into lesbian huge dildo action and for couples who want to try out something more adventurous.

The dildo that's best for anal penetration is one that's both firm and smooth. Soft, floppy ones are mainly for g-spot stimulation and for vaginal penetration, and it won't hold up to the rougher type of sex. Keep in mind that anal will require more care and plenty more lube, so don't rush into it and go according to your internal rhythm. You'll also need to be relaxed and completely lubed up in order to enjoy this type of penetration. This should go without saying, but the lube product should be compatible with the dildo material you'll be using in the bedroom.

The anal area has firmer muscles as compared to the vagina, and for this reason you'll need a slow yet firm pressure. Most huge dildos will have a flared base so you can hold onto it while playing with the sex toy. Once the dildo is in allow for a minute or so to get used to the sensations. Don't worry at this point and let the sensation wash over your whole being. Are you enjoying it, or do you need more lube? Should you try something else, or maybe a smaller one? The choice is up to you.

Strapping Time

It's easier for girls using huge dildos to have a strap-on so they can have lesbian action going on. The same applied to traditional male-female partners who want to go on an adventure. Straps can come in different materials, sizes and shapes, from leather to PVC and rubber.

Strap-on sex is quite kinky and there's no limit to how you want to use your huge, black dildo. You can find straps that will fit the hips, in-between the legs or ones that can be attached to various surfaces. Make sure to read the instructions that came with the harness so you'll know what to do. You wouldn't want to have your partner wait while you figure out which part goes where, would you?

Party Games

Why not use a huge dildo for when you're playing party games? You can be that person who brings a huge black dildo and challenges your friends and acquaintances to come up with unique ideas on how they can use it. There are many kinds of games both sexual and non-sexual that can make use of a huge dildo. Moreover, these types of games can range from personal (a one on one with your partner) or in a crowd (like a hen party). Make sure that everyone in attendance is okay with it and that you'll be having fun. The idea here is to make the party as wild as possible so that a huge dildo won't be out of place!

Big dildos are great for when you need something huge to fill your vagina or ass in. All in all you can choose from many different types, material and function. Don't be afraid to get one that may look to big- it may very well be the perfect size for your appetite! Get something that vibrates for extra sensations. Don't forget that dildos need proper care and maintenance as well. Make sure to clean your dildo before and after every use with the proper lube and lukewarm water before putting it away. These sex toys are perfect for exploring your sexuality and for exploring your options one notch higher!
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