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Things to consider when purchasing a vibrating dildo

Vibrators quietly began as medical devices for treating hysteria before graduating to back massage items. These days, they are marketed as sexual pleasure and exploration devices and people are increasingly becoming shame-free when buying them.

Vibrators are available in all shapes, sizes, and designs, with vibrating dildos gaining ground in the pleasure seekers market. The vibrating dildo is a penis-like sex toy different from the rest of the dildo since it has a vibrating mechanism. Some have built-in vibrators whereas others have removable vibrators.

In most cases, a vibrating dildo is simply called a vibrator and the term is reserved for the sex toys resembling the human penis. These vibrators are often longer than their non-vibrating counterparts so as to penetrate deeper, and the best vibrating dildo will take a woman to unimaginable sexual heights when used properly.

With a realistic vibrating dildo, you can mimic both vaginal and anal sex. Even though they are primarily designed for penetration, these toys can be used on external pleasure sites like the clitoris, nipples, and external labia. Most vibrators are handheld, but you can choose the strap on types worn to penetrate a lover vaginally or anally. Both the wearer and the receiver will feel the effect of the vibration and enjoy together.

Most vibrators are designed to allow the user to choose the vibration intensity. This intensity will vary with the material the dildo is made of. Softer materials like rubber, jelly, and Cyberskin do not vibrate as much as the harder ones made of silicone or vinyl.

For those who like both vaginal and anal penetration, a vibrating double dildo will be a sexually fulfilling toy capable of stimulating both at the same time without the need to remove and clean first. It is recommended that you use a lubricant for easy insertion. It is advisable that you check with the manufacturer to know which lubricants work with your dildo without damaging it.

How to use a vibrator

The vibrators of today even come with breakup insurance, gives you personalized sex tips, and can act as your alarm clock. However, if you do not know how well to use the vibrator, all this technology will mean nothing to your sexual needs. Some of these sex toys are straightforward while others have multi-function, multi-speed settings that can confuse someone new to them. There are plenty of ways to use a vibrator, only if you knew how much you could get out of them.

Play with it first
Before you use a new sex toy, whether it is a huge vibrating dildo or a realistic one, it is best to first play with it. You will get to understand how it functions and to help you get comfortable with it. Learn the range of speed, the intensity of the vibration, the patterns and all that it has to offer.

This will help you avoid situations where you press the wrong button while in the middle of the fun and you do not know how to restore the comfortable setting. Make sure you master the controls before you get into serious business.

Make gradual movements towards the target
For most people, going directly towards the clitoris or G-spot can be too much to bear at first. It is advisable that you start with a slow vibration intensity and speed away from the sensitive areas then move closer at a gradual pace depending on your arousal and comfort level. You will skillfully build up the tension and heat without numbing the target areas.

Involve your whole body
Vibrators are not meant just for the sexual organs, you can use it on all the erogenous zones of the body and have great fun with your lover. It does not hurt to experiment all over the body, it is more than just the genitals. And when you learn to play solo, you will end up hanging your sex life forever as there is so much left to be discovered.

Use Lube
Many assume that lube is for those with limited natural lubrication but it is not. When you lubricate, the love-making session will be fun in spite of the weather, moods, or cycle. The more you are lubricated, the more comfortable you will get allowing you to play longer. Vibration, no matter how small, will irritate the skin hence then need for lubrication even if it used externally.

Experiment with a partner
Vibrators are meant for sexual fun and it does not have to be a solo event. Share the fun with a partner. Using it with a lover will make the excitement even better. It works as a foreplay device and can bring the magic into your sex life.

Things to consider when purchasing a vibrating dildo
Since the market has so many models of vibrating dildos, it can be overwhelming choosing the best vibrating dildo that will give you the most excitement. Here are some points to help you.

Is it realistic
Some like the idea of a life-sized dildo that looks exactly like a penis while others do not. When shopping for a sex toy to use with a male partner, it is best to pick one that does not closely resemble the male organ. This may cause some jealousy that could be avoided by the type of toy you bring home. A realistic vibrating dildo is loved by solo players or in the case where the two lovers are all female. These are available on various skin tones, shapes, and sizes which all boil down to personal preferences.

Consider the shape
After deciding how much realism is suitable for you, pick a shape that will make you the happiest. Dildos with a slightly curved tip are designed to hit the G-spot. Some have a tapering end from a larger base, while some have the entire shaft curved instead of straight. This stage may be a challenge, but when you get it right, nothing will come between you and sexual bliss.

Choose a material
Vibrating dildos come in a variety of material for every preference. If you are concerned about phthalates then look for a phthalate-free dildo. Some prefer non-porous materials like stainless steel, wood, glass, or silicone. Those made of plastic, wood, glass require little lubrication, however, if you want something that will bend with your body, go for the PVC or silicone types.

The current technology allows for vibrators to recharge just like the smartphones via their USB ports or on a special charging dock. This will remove the extra cost of replacing batteries after a few uses.

It is nice to have a waterproof vibrator that allows you to have fun even in wet conditions like in the tub. It also makes cleaning easy without any worry of damaging the toy.

Owning at least one reliable vibrating dildo can bring so much fun into your sex life. They can be used solo or with a partner any time you want to. There are so many types and variations to choose from, however, with this guide, you can now go out and get the right one for a night-long enjoyment.

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