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We at take your privacy very seriously and do everything possible to ensure that you get your item as ordered and in a very discreet manner.

100 percent Discretion Guaranteed

You will only get what you ordered for and no one else can know what is inside the package. In fact, there is no way to determine what is contained in the package without opening it. It is vital to emphasize that all our items are packaged and delivered in plain, unmarked boxes. Additionally, ‘the ship from or delivered from’ address will also from a discreet company name only you will be notified before the shipping and delivery process begins.

All the charges on your credit card or transactions will also be discreet with codes and not the actual name of the company or product. We will never send catalogs, product advertisements or promotions of any kind to your email address or mail. For more on this you can check out our privacy policy.

Fast Delivery

We endeavor to ship all deliveries in the shortest time possible. One you have placed an order, it will take our team a few hours to process and package the item ready for delivery. You will receive your item in 2-4 days. However, during exceptionally busy days which includes holidays and Christmas holidays, as much as we will try to get your order processed and delivered fast, your order may be delayed due to unexpected courier issues that are mostly beyond our control.

U.S Based Orders

For those living in the U.S, we offer free deliveries and you can receive your item within 2 days. You can also track your order online through our website using the specific tracking number that we will send to you. This number will be send to you once you have placed your order and after it has been dispatched. However, you should only contact us after a minimum of 10 working days if your order has not arrived.

Orders Outside the U.S

For orders made by individuals living outside the United States, we endeavor to deliver your order within the shortest time possible. However, this depends with your location, the logistics involved for shipping and the export policies.

The Return Policy

We will gladly accept returns on defective items. This applies to items that were sent and received by our customers only to realize that they were not what they ordered for or the product is defective. Products are eligible for return under this policy within 30 days of purchase. Due to the nature of these products, money refunds are only provided if you never received your ordered item. 

Free Shipping In USA

Free Shipping In USA
Fast delivery(2-4 days)